Driftless Studio is named after Southwest Wisconsin’s Driftless Area, a region that’s defined by some of the Midwest’s most unique and beautiful topography. Although we travel the country to bring you these photos, it’s hard to find an area as beautiful as the Driftless Area.

About the Driftless Area

Millions of years ago, large glacial ice sheets originating in Canada periodically covered the Midwest. The movement of these glaciers deposited massive amounts of sand, gravel and boulders, a combination of sediment known as drift.

The Driftless Area’s geological features, including striking rock outcroppings and rare pine relics, were spared from the last glacial movement that pushed westward across the United States. This preserved this area’s landscape in a fossil-like state.

In Wisconsin, conservation efforts in and around the Driftless Area are responsible for the preservation of lush woods, natural wonders of the Devil’s Lake area, the unique Wisconsin Dells and the bluffs of western Wisconsin that overlook the Mississippi River.

We’re delighted to be able to bring you images from this beautiful area.