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Angela Johnson Nature Photo

Angela Johnson

I am an artist, museum educator, and teacher who looks to creativity, beauty, and learning in everything I do. My artistic experiences are very much intertwined with my work and life. Photography is a media I have always been deeply connected with. I am intrigued with how the use of line, color and light captured in a photograph can create a mood. Freezing a moment in nature up-close can reveal the intricate beauty of seemingly simple elements, such as a fl ower petal. Taking intimate images of nature really gives me an opportunity to renew my spirit and ground myself to the natural harmony and beauty of the earth. I finished my M.A. in Art Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in August 2008. Currently, I work at the Madison Children�s Museum as the Program Coordinator, and enjoy immersing myself in community arts.

Allison Halkey Nature Photo

Allison Halkey

For as long as I can remember I�ve been interested in wildlife and photography. With the help of good friend Dianne Moller, I�ve been able to combine my interests. Dianne is the owner of Hoo�s Woods, a raptor rehabilitation center in Milton, Wis. Dianne has let me study and photograph her birds. Currently, I�m a photography student at Madison Area Technical College and looking forward to graduating in spring 2008.

Katie Walling Photo

Katie Walling

Photographer Katie Walling is currently a student at Madison Area Technical College and will graduate this spring. Walling also operates her own photography business in Fort Atkinson, Jazzy Photo. Her photography has always had an artistic edge to it but today’s technology allows her to take it to the next level. Walling enjoys combining multiple images to create a work of art that is more than just a photo.

Jake Naughton

Jake Naughton is a freshman art and journalism student at UW-Madison. He hails from Brookfield, Wisconsin and many of his photos are taken in the alleys of Milwaukee�s historic Third Ward. Naughton finds that the alleys evoke silence and contemplation in an ordinarily bustling place after hours or behind the scenes. Naughton says his work is about rediscovering the beauty of an often-overlooked locale, somewhere devoid of everything that normally defines it.

Christie Hughes

Christie Hughes is an art history major at the University of Colorado and will graduate in May. In the summer of 2006 the Madison native spent seven weeks in Prague, Czech Republic, which quickly became her favorite city in Europe. Hughes enjoyed photographing Cesky Krumlov because of the amazing color contrasts and interesting patterns that formed from the close proximity of the architecture and narrow roads.