Who We Are

Anne Connor

Anne Connor is a photographer and writer who spends much of her free time kicking around America's coasts and the Driftless Area of SW Wisconsin. On weekdays, Anne creates stories for publications as diverse as Brava Magazine, the Wisconsin State Journal and AAA Living. On weekends, she can be found at the family farm, usually barefoot, but only occasionally pregnant. She thrives in her garden and in the woods, where she spends time with her family, friends, and Labrador retrievers. She is rarely without her camera scaling rock outcroppings, climbing through brambles, and more to bring these photos your way. In 2006, Anne opened Driftless Studio, a gallery that celebrates nature by featuring outdoor photography plus select pieces of jewelry and home decor. Anne's goal, whether through her photography or writing, is to evoke a mood, a laugh or a trip down your own memory lane. She uses texture, color, and light to convey her belief that nature is everywhere, if only we will open our eyes and see it.